A happy child


Let all our children read!





Conventional English keeps 2/3 of all Americans from reading and writing as well as they speak.

Though reading and writing were not considered important for all citizens when our nation began, the public now believes it is fundamental to the pursuit of happiness, elevating it to a constitutional right.

The Foundation seeks to make reading a right all Americans achieve before they leave first grade.




1.      Explain in ordinary terms why spelled words do not let people read as well as they speak.

1.      Develop a plan to change traditional writing into accessible writing for all English-speakers.

2.      Explain in ordinary terms how this plan lets all children read as well as they speak.

3.      Distribute this information to public, teachers, educators, and politicians to get their attention!

4.      Assemble teams of volunteers to push Congress and the Administration to start a process that will produce a near 100% literacy rate in America in less than 25 years.


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"Ō yē ŧhat luv mankīnd!  Yē ŧhat dair opōz, not ōnlē ŧhu tearunē, but ŧhu tīrant, stand forth!"

-- Thomas Paine (From Common Sense, transliterated into AKSES text)